Daril Fannin: From the Battlefield to the Bluff

As a 25-year old combat medic in the U.S. Army with a successful career, Daril Fannin (Screenwriting M.F.A. – 2016) decided to retire his uniform and pursue his dream of writing for film and television. After being accepted to every graduate school he applied to, he chose to attend SFTV’s Screenwriting program. Nearly three years later, he’s hosting and creating content for All Warrior Network.com and has already been named one of Variety’s “Students to Watch.”

M-School’s Jackets for Homeless People

There are more than 44,000 homeless people in Los Angeles County, less than one-third of whom live in shelters. In all, 10 percent are veterans, a quarter are dealing with substance abuse, and 3 in ten live with mental illness. More than 2,000 are minors, many of whom live alone on the streets.