MFT Students Dominate State Stipend Awards

For the sixth consecutive year, LMU’s cohort of graduate Marital and Family Therapy (MFT) and Art Therapy students have proportionally received more MFT State Stipends awards than any other school in the Southern California region. This year, our students received nine stipend awards in total. “I am exceedingly proud of this group in receiving so many stipend awards,” said Bryant Keith Alexander, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Communication and Fine Arts.

A Theatre Arts Major Goes Backstage at Hamilton and Fulfills a Dream

Being a theater major in any capacity, whether as an actor, designer, stage manager, or director, can be daunting. The pressure to “make it” deters many because the fear of “breaking it” proves to be too strong. But in theater, how can you even define what “making it” means? I can’t articulate this for everyone, but I can tell you that for me, it means working on Broadway. Broadway is THE dream, MY dream.