LMU Signs Transfer Agreement with Arizona Community College District

Loyola Marymount University and the Maricopa County Community College District in Arizona have signed a transfer admissions agreement that will enable students attending the ten colleges of the MCCCD system to receive guaranteed fall admission to select programs at LMU if they meet specific requirements.

Leaders from LMU and MCCCD signed the pact on Friday, Nov. 2, during the 30th Annual Maricopa Community Colleges Student Success Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

“We are so pleased to celebrate this partnership with the Maricopa County Community College District, which joins a growing group of community colleges with transfer admissions agreements to LMU,” said Maureen Weatherall, LMU’s vice provost for enrollment management. “This agreement will help to streamline the admissions process for transfer students, and it lays the groundwork for their smooth transition to campus. We are proud that they’ve selected LMU to further their academic careers.”

Maricopa Community Colleges will now offer students a pathway to guaranteed admission to LMU as a new option for those who want to earn their bachelor’s degree. This transfer agreement will benefit MCCCD students by allowing for a smooth transition and minimizing duplication of coursework.

“We are honored to be among the first community college districts in the nation selected by LMU for a transfer partnership,” MCCCD Provost Dr. Karla Fisher said in a statement. “This relationship speaks to the quality of Maricopa instruction and provides a pathway for Maricopa’s students to transfer into a highly selective university with rich tradition and high-caliber academic programs.”

The partnership lays out courses that can transfer and provides benchmarks in grades that mean more well-prepared students transferring to LMU. It simplifies the complexity of determining what courses to take and minimizes the stress of making sure they will transfer to LMU. It also saves the student time and money. MCCCD students were always able to apply to LMU, but this transfer agreement offers them a direct pathway for admission.

In addition to the admission guarantee, the agreement allows LMU to provide students at Maricopa Community Colleges access to campus tours and workshops, information on financial aid and scholarships, and transfer/pre-admission advisement. LMU will also waive the application fee for eligible students, and assist them and their families in finding and securing appropriate financial aid.