Experts in Artificial Intelligence and Ethics to Gather at LMU Symposium

Artificial intelligence is the incredible force behind self-driving cars, facial recognition systems and algorithms that can influence decisions in industries from health care to social media. But how are industries building partnerships to respond to the ethical issues that arise from the use of these technologies?

Experts in artificial intelligence, and leaders in tech, health care, social entrepreneurship and academia will discuss the impact of AI on technology and society during a symposium on Monday, Oct. 29, at Loyola Marymount University’s Playa Vista Campus.

“Current events highlight important ethical concerns about elements of tech – such as privacy and bias in algorithm – along with its power to impact labor and the economy,” said Jeff Thies, director of LMU’s Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainability. “And the industry itself sees that the power of AI can be both disruptive and positively transformative if partnerships are built to direct its use toward positive social impact. For those reasons, we’re providing a platform to explore these critical issues.”

The event – “Artificial Intelligence and Ethics: Challenges, Opportunities and Partnerships” – is hosted by the LMU College of Business Administration’s Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainability, and the Partnership on AI, an organization that brings together academics, researchers, companies and others working collaboratively to better people and society.

The symposium will feature a host of speakers and panelists, with sessions focused on industry and public sector partnerships; health care as a model for advancing social good; patient data, security and data governance; emerging trends; innovation and community impact; and decision making.

Participants include Steven Adler, chief of staff with the Partnership on AI; Paul Viviano, president and CEO of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and chair of the LMU Board of Trustees; Thomas Poon, LMU provost and executive vice president; Annette Walker, president of City of Hope Orange County; Danny Q. Le, partner advisory services, KPMG, and Jason D’Mello, assistant professor of entrepreneurship at LMU.

“This inaugural symposium is the first of many that will provide critical dialogue for students and industry professionals on the important role of business as a force for good,” said Dayle M. Smith, dean of LMU’s College of Business Administration.

LMU’s Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainability was founded to advance student learning, academic research and stakeholder engagement in ethics and sustainable development for the 21st century organization.

The LMU Playa Vista Campus is at 12105 W. Waterfront Drive, Suite 200, Playa Vista, 90094. Media outlets wishing to cover the event should call 310.258.INFO.