Sixth Annual Green Earth Film Festival Features Internationally Acclaimed Works

The Gottlieb Native Garden (GNG) Green Earth Festival, a celebration of films covering the most pressing environmental issues of our time, will be held Oct. 19-21 at Loyola Marymount University’s Playa Vista Campus.

Now in its sixth year, the GNG Green Earth Film Festival honors the best in environmental and eco-conscious storytelling. More than 1,200 filmmakers submitted entries for the festival, and 21 films will be screened, including works from the United States, United Kingdom, Taiwan, France, India, Russia, Australia, Argentina, and Belgium. Formerly known as The G2 Green Earth Film Festival in Venice, California, founders Dan and Susan Gottlieb continue their dedication to environmental excellence by transitioning to the Gottlieb Native Garden (GNG) Green Earth Film Festival in 2018.  

“We couldn’t be more excited to host the Green Earth Film Festival at LMU’s new Playa Vista Campus,” said Eric Strauss, President’s Professor of Biology at LMU and executive director of the Center for Urban Resilience. “In a time when threats to our planet’s wellbeing continue to proliferate, the role of film in sharing stories and animating people to take action couldn’t be more important.”

The festival will take place at Loyola Marymount University’s Playa Vista Campus, a newly opened facility housing the school’s graduate film and television programs that promote cross-collaboration with the surrounding Silicon Beach-area tech and entrepreneurial industries.

The finalists include:

  • “Locked,” directed by Daneeta Loretta Jackson and Patrick Jackson
  • “The High Sierra Trail,” directed by Chris Smead
  • “Clean Heart,” directed by Dina Burlis
  • “Grassroots,” directed by Frank Oly
  • “Spell of the West,” directed by Sam Lane
  • “Human Energy,” directed by Adam Dzienis
  • “KickStand: Community Bike Shop,” directed by Zoë Robertson
  • “Floyd,” directed by Noah Cutwright
  • “Toxic Bees – Human Intervention,” directed by Yen Ming Lai
  • “Bison Nation – Walking Sacred Sites,” directed by Elke Duerr
  • “The Python Code,” directed by Andreas Ewels
  • “Pursuing the Monarchs,” directed by Anna Chahuneau
  • “Let’s Save Bobby,” directed by Dr. Vilas Padhye
  • “World Without Insects,” directed by Andreas Ewels
  • “White Wolves – Ghosts of the Arctic,” directed by Oliver Goetzl
  • “Green Invasion,” directed by Gonzalo Rimoldi
  • “Toxic Puzzle,” directed by Bo Landin
  • “Low White Sky,” directed by Magdalena Reilly and Joseph Reilly
  • “Closing the Loop,” directed by Graham Sheldon
  • “Fish Owl Wanted,” directed by Ilya Tsyganov

The first night of the festival will also feature a screening of “Living in the Future’s Past,” a documentary directed by Susan Kucera featuring Academy Award-winning actor Jeff Bridges.

Strauss will moderate a panel discussion each night of the festival, where audience members can participate in conversation about the topics raised by individual films. More information, including the full schedule and ticketing, can be found here.

The GNG Green Earth Film Festival is sponsored by The Gottlieb Native Garden, Loyola Marymount University’s Center for Urban Resilience, and LMU School of Film and Television.