LMU Raises Record $103 Million for Need-Based Scholarships, Surpassing Fundraising Goal

Loyola Marymount University raised a record $103 million for need-based scholarships, surpassing its $100 million Scholarship Initiative goal, President Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D., announced today.

Since the initiative was announced in October 2012, the university created 338 named scholarships – an achievement that more than doubles LMU’s scholarship fundraising over the prior decade.

“This funding ensures that an LMU education remains accessible to academically qualified applicants, regardless of financial considerations, and will continue to enhance significantly the university’s ability to attract and retain a high caliber, diverse student body,” Snyder said. “I am grateful to our trustees, regents, alumni, parents, donors, and friends for their support of and investment in LMU’s future.”

In a message to the LMU community, Snyder said the university will build on the momentum to extend its shared vision of global imagination, to remain synonymous with academic excellence, and to deepen its Jesuit and Marymount tradition of transforming students into women and men for and with others.

“The initiative’s success reflects years of productive collaboration among our academic deans, campus leaders, and fundraising colleagues. Our generous donors and friends continue to invest in LMU because they know our educational experience is unmatched and challenges students to lead lives of global impact,” said Senior Vice President Dennis Slon, who led the initiative. “With continued philanthropic support, we will further expand our scholarship programs, reflecting our longstanding commitment to inclusivity and excellence.”

More information on LMU’s Scholarship Initiative can be found here.