Most Los Angeles Measures Projected to Win, According to LMU Exit Poll

Voters in the city of Los Angeles backed five of the seven local measures on their ballots this year, according to an exit poll conducted by the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University.

The projections are based on results from more than 1,500 surveys administered to voters by 100 LMU students at 25 polling places throughout the city, and an earlier telephone survey of 1,800 voters who had already cast mail-in ballots.

The following measures are projected to pass:

  • Proposition HHH, a bond for homeless reduction and prevention, in the city of Los Angeles
  • Initiative JJJ, an ordinance regarding affordable housing, in the city of Los Angeles
  • Measure A, a parks and clean water property tax increment for Los Angeles County
  • Measure M, a sales tax for transportation projects by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • Measure CC, a facilities bond for the Los Angeles Community College District

Professor Fernando Guerra, director of the Center, declared charter amendments RRR, which would change the LADWP’s governance structure, and SSS, which would change the membership of city police and fire pension plans, “too close to call,” though he did predict their eventual passage.

The survey uses StudyLA’s sampling methodology called the “racially stratified homogeneous precinct approach.” This method addresses limitations in standard exit poll sampling that typically has not provided accurate sampling of ethnic groups in urban settings. The exit polls are designed to study the relationships between voting preferences, ethnic relations, policy preferences, community attitudes, government and community action, and quality of life, and investigate the effects of precinct qualities on voting patterns.

The margin of error on all projections is +/- 3 percent.