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Businesses can gain critical insights about consumers from the vast computerized data sets we’ve come to collectively call Big Data. How are companies mining the data and relying on it to make business decisions?

Ruth McCartney, co-founder and CEO of the creative digital agency McCartney Multimedia, will address these and other questions about how Big Data is impacting the business world on Wednesday, Oct. 19, at Loyola Marymount University. The lecture is at 7:15 p.m. in Hilton 100.

As part of the College of Business Administration’s Paul A. Grosch Lecture Series, McCartney will discuss Big Data’s influence in the fields of accounting and business analytics, and how companies and institutions can use it to study customer behaviors and also predict trends and plan supply chains.

“It’s a hot topic,” said Mahmoud Nourayi, Ph.D., an LMU professor of accounting who holds the Paul A. Grosch Professorship, named for a former longtime faculty member. “This is an area that’s become important in all business fields, and for the general public in terms of being careful with your privacy.”

McCartney, a former musician, is the stepsister of the famous Beatle Paul McCartney. She is also co-founder of the fan management software company iFanz.com, and president of ConnectCode.mobi, a quick response code technology and marketing software company. She focuses on all methods of online marketing and social media interaction with celebrities, products, corporations, educational institutions and brands.