LMU Jewish Student Life Receives Campus Partner Award from Hillel International

LMU Jewish Student Life, one of eight Hillels to receive a Drive to Excellence Award in 2014, received the Campus Partner Award from Hillel International on Dec. 10.

Hillel seeks to be fully immersed in the life of the university, and to be regarded by the campus community and administration as an indispensable partner that enhances student life. LMU Jewish Student Life was granted the Campus Partner Award for making Jewish wisdom and unique experiential learning resonate within a University deeply rooted in the Catholic values of its founders.

“LMU Jewish Student Life has partnered with the University in developing relationships with donors, seeking out and applying for grants, and sponsoring innovative fundraising initiatives,” said Eric D. Fingerhut, President and CEO of Hillel International.

The award was presented during the inaugural Hillel International: Global Assembly, an all staff conference held this year at the Rosen Plaza in Orlando. “For its exemplary work on campus and in leveraging the power of university administration and local officials, LMU Jewish Student Life is indeed an indispensable partner on campus,” Fingerhut said

LMU Jewish Student Life has built partnerships with other key members of the University’s administration, and has built a positive image of Hillel within the university community.

LMU Jewish Student Life has also worked with various departments of the university to co-sponsor engaging programming for the students, such as a learning session on ethics and philanthropic giving.