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The Laband Art Gallery at Loyola Marymount University continues LMU’s focus on the theme of restorative justice with the exhibition Voices of Incarceration, which runs Jan. 25 through March 16.

This exhibition brings together works by incarcerated artists who convey their unique perspectives from inside the prison walls and works by artists who confront the American criminal justice system from outside its walls. Both groups bring to light the emotional costs and injustices of the prison-industrial complex. Among the artists exhibited is LMU student Franky Carrillo, who created artwork while serving 20 years in prison, including 10 at Folsom Prison, before being exonerated and freed.

Voices of Incarceration also explores the rehabilitative arts programs in California prisons and the expression of the imprisoned artists’ strength and individuality through the creative process.

Artists Featured:  Dawn Aldama, Benjamin F. Ballard, Franky Carrillo, Michal Chelbin, Khalifa Christensen, Norma Cumpian, Alyse Emdur. Fajardo, Bruce Fowler, Henry Edward Frank, Daniel Galindo, Juliana Garcia, Ronnie Goodman, Gary Harrell, D. Hill, Nequita Jackson, Shonna Larabee, Felix Phil Lucero, Katya McCulloch, Christina Mendivil, Scott McKinstry, Jack Morris, Brendan Murdock, Keoghan O’Donnell, Launi Perry, Bruce W. Peterson, Adryan Piddington, Sheila Pinkel, Maria Posada, Ameenah Rasul, Bonnie Riley, Richard Ross, H. Serrano, Robert Solywoda, Tafoya, Tan Tran, Beth Thielen, Teñace, B.J. Thorton, Fred Tinsley, Chadrick Tobias, Darrell Van Mastrigt, Jahmal Ironcoat Wallace, Geno Washington, David Earl Williams, Michael Williams, and other anonymous artists.

The exhibition will also include a video by Shane Bauer, created for Mother Jones magazine, comparing Pelican Bay State Prison’s solitary confinement to the conditions he endured while imprisoned in Iran.

Public Programs: A series of public programs will be held in conjunction with Voices of Incarceration. Visit the Laband website for the most up-to-date information.

For Gallery Information: Reach the gallery at 310.338.2880 or visit http://cfa.lmu.edu/laband.