LMU Ranked One of the Safest Colleges in the Country

Almost a year after the Virginia Tech tragedy Reader’s Digest Magazine evaluated college campuses in a special report titled “Safe at School?” LMU was ranked in the top 5 for readiness to handle on-campus threats to safety and security.

The report examines numerous safety threats faced by college students today and describes some of the best safety practices employed by certain schools.

LMU’s emergency communication system was recognized last spring as one of the first emergency instant notification systems on a college campus. The LMU community can register their cell phone numbers with the university and can be contacted in the event of an emergency within minutes.

LMU was one of 40 schools to receive an “A” grade for its readiness to deal with safety threats of crime, fire, alcohol abuse and mental illness. Other colleges that have gotten smart about campus risks are New York University, Northeastern and Johns Hopkins.

LMU’s emergency preparedness was not the only aspect of campus safety that was praised in the survey. Binge-drinking prevention programs and resources for students with mental illness were also considered and both are available at LMU. “Safe at School?” will appear in the March issue of Reader’s Digest, available on Feb. 19.