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Peter M. Warren

Peter MPeter is assistant director of communications and media relations at LMU.  He is responsible for media relations and publications for the College of Communications & Fine Arts, the Frank R. Seaver College of Science & Engineering, and the William H. Hannon Library

Peter is a graduate of Brown University, where he studied American history, politics and writing. He was a journalist for 28 years with the Associated Press, the Providence Journal, The Provincetown Advocate and the Los Angeles Times. During 17 years at the Times, he covered politics, medicine and legal affairs as both an editor and writer, and was part of three Pulitzer Prize winning teams. Peter has won numerous other awards for his reporting. After the Times, he was vice president of communication for the California Medical Association. Most recently he headed communications for USC College, the largest school at USC. He is an elected member of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council, where he heads the Port & Environment Committee and also is an appointee to the City of Los Angeles’ Port Community Advisory Committee.

Peter M. Warren
Performing Arts, Art History, Communications, Counseling, Science and Engineering
Office: 310.338.2389
Cell: 310.662.1736