LMU Newsroom

Former city councilman Bill Rosendahl was feted by Loyola Marymount University this week at a celebration honoring both him and his gift of archival video recordings from his long career as a public affairs television show host.

The Bill Rosendahl-Adelphia Communications Corporation Collection of Public Affairs Television Programs contains more than 3,450 hours of recordings from local public-affairs programs that aired between 1987 and 2006, many of them produced and hosted by Rosendahl.

The Rosendahl collection is housed in the William H. Hannon Library, organized, processed, and described by a media archivist in the department of Archives and Special Collections.  The library has received a grant from the Riordan Foundation to digitize for preservation and access 768 videotapes featuring interviews with Riordan and programs from the series Personal Best, Week in Review, and Local Talk.

The event featured Rosendahl in conversation with Fernando Guerra, director of the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles at LMU, and remarks from Councilmen Mike Bonin and Tom LaBonge, former mayor Richard Riordan, and former governor Gray Davis.